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Safety mirrors
    •  Vehicle inspection mirror
    • Vehicle inspection mirror

      This vehicle inspection mirror is suitable for eg. traffic and customs checks. It gives an extra wide view so that nothing escapes attention.

    •  Mirror 'TRAFFIC INDUSTRY' 400 x 600 mm
    • Mirror 'TRAFFIC INDUSTRY' 400 x 600 mm

      This heavier mirror version is specifically designed for use in industrial zones and factory buildings. It enlarges the field of vision during loading or unloading in storage areas or when maneuvering within industrial sites.

    •  Wall bracket for mirror (Flex)
    • Wall bracket for mirror (Flex)

      Firm support to attach mirrors on the wall. With up to 6 fixations the bracket is fixed to the wall. The mirror is mounted on the bracket.

    •  Wall bracket for mirrors -  Ø 76 mm
    • Wall bracket for mirrors - Ø 76 mm

      Solid wall bracket for mounting mirrors onto a flat wall. The base plate has 4 mounting points. Suitable for mirror fittings of Ø76 mm.


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