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LED traffic baton - blue/red - rechargeable and multifunctional

  • Multifunctional rechargeable traffic baton in blue / red with 4 different light patterns including a flashlight and it can produce a loud sound. It's waterproof and has a strong magnet.
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Article number: 08-5000-001
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LED traffic baton (warning light) blue/red

Rechargeable - magnetic- electronic whistle sound - flashlight

  • 4 different light patterns
  • High visibility in emergency situations and at traffic roadblocks/checks
  • Equipped with a flashlight and emergency hammer
  • Easy and quick to use at the push of a button
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Equipped with a strong magnet and wristband
  • Loud electronic whistle sound (+/- 120 dB)
  • USB charger included









Red- blue



This LED traffic baton is a multifunctional warning light/signal light with 4 different pre-programmed light patterns. It has blue and red LEDs that can work separately or alternating. The LED traffic wand is ideal for police and emergency services to marshall traffic or to attract attention in dangerous situations. The LED traffic baton can also be used by traffic marshals, wardens, in emergency situations, at major events or on industrial premises.

The Traffic-Shop LED baton also has a build-in white flashlight. Useful if, for example, you have to inspect documents or look at something at night. Thanks to its strong magnet, this LED traffic wand can be mounted on a metal surface to mark your broken down vehicle or to draw attention to an emergency situation.

Because the LED torch is drip-proof, it can be used without problems in rainy weather. The casing is made of unbreakable polycarbonate in combination with a silicone handle and easily withstands shocks. The LED traffic wand can even be used as an emergency hammer to break a window to free someone from a car wreck.

The handle and the on/off buttons of the LED traffic baton have profiled ribbing to ensure you always have a good grip. There is also a belt clip and a handstrap to have your LED baton always close at hand.

Our LED traffic baton with blue and red LEDs is rechargeable and comes standard with an USB charger which can be used in a power point or in your car so that it is always ready for use.

In addition to the striking red and blue flashlights, the LED traffic wand is also equipped with a built-in 120 dB electronic whistle signal that immediately attracts attention at the push of a button. This makes the use of our LED traffic baton ideal for traffic control and in breakdown or emergency situations. 

This traffic baton is therefore without a doubt to be highly recommended to guide and marshal people and vehicles safely in all situations.

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  • Code 08-5000-001
  • SKU 08-5000-001
  • Weight 277
  • Size X 4
  • Size Y 32
  • Size Z 4
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